What Pictures

What pictures can we take today?
The pictures of the future are in the imagination.
The pictures of the past are an ever-changing perception.
In the present moment, in every moment, the lens is focusing and the shutter is opening,
and life exists in that moment between exposed and unexposed film.

This picture that we expose today cannot be complete without speaking my true words.
Not words dictated by others, but words spoken from my heart; words that cannot be unspoken.
I offer these words as my heartfelt truth.


I cherish your freedom - of movement, of perception, of decision.

I endeavor to promote the highest qualities in you and to resolve the lowest qualities in myself.

I exercise humility to know that I have nothing, that I know nothing and to laugh at my folly.

I surrender to the inevitability of change and to future realities as yet unfathomable to us.  May each change bring an expansion and an ever-growing acceptance.

I dedicate my life in service to our family, our predecessors and our descendants, and to the world that sustains our lives.

I cultivate an openness with you as I have nothing to hide and nothing from which to hide.

I meet with joy each new success and each new challenge in the freedom of unbridled learning.

I give myself to a life of learning and a learning of life with you as you have taught me so much and have so much more to teach.

I commit to a life of love and to fostering growth in love between us, around us and in all that we do.

These words are the truth of what I am and what our relationship means today.
They are the sum of all the pictures of the past and all the imagined pictures of the future.
These words are the deepest truth that my heart can say.

What pictures can we take today?

for my partner in life and love
September 5, 1999



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