to those here i have touched:
who am i to question your answers
or answer your questions?

if i love you i should tell you what i think,
what i feel
and not what i think you want me to think,
want me to feel.

but who am i to love you so?

this is a busy-ness of words on your computer screen
to be read, deleted, filed or ignored
i am a minuscule vibration in an infinite sea of light
as you are to me.

but who is the light to love the other light?

let layers strip away to leave light
and an echo of time.
let layers build again:
heartbeat, sensation, emotion,ideas of light.

but who is this echo to strip bear the light?

the light that i have touched has shown me
love speaks the resonance of light
and light perceives the resonance of love
and love and light heal the echoes of time.

who am i but an echo of time?



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